Bonnie Wood -Shhhh it’s a Library

Bonnie Wood -Shhhh its a Library

Bonnie Wood -Shhhh it’s a Library – Watch me, Bonnie Wood, as I play in the library. I should be studying, but instead I take the opportunity to do a little research on myself as I explore my body and learn how to turn myself on…

In my tight red top, black shorts and heels I know how sexy I look, and I can’t help but slide my fingers underneath my shirt, and begin to caress my breasts and tease my nipples with my fingers.

See how turned on I get as I lay back and slip my hand inside my shorts before I pop my top open and give you all a glimpse of my juicy, round tits. I love to tease myself, slowly pulling on my nipples and flicking my clit…taking my time so that my pussy is dripping.

I slide my shorts off and spread my legs and push my fingers inside.

I know how turned on you are getting watching me spread my pink lips wide, letting you see just how wet I am.

Don’t be shocked as I pull my red dildo out from the drawer – I left it there just for you so that you could watch me play.

See how easily it slides in and out of my warm, wet slit. Hear my juices squelching around it and imagine that it is your cock…

I can’t help but moan as I slowly fuck myself just for you, my tight pussy is stretched and filled and it feels so good I know that it won’t be long before I cum. In and out it slides; over and over again.

I hope no-one walks in and catches me! It turns me on so much knowing that you are watching me, playing with your hard cocks and getting off on my tight, fit body.

I cum hard, taking the time to lick my toy clean – swallowing my own juices before it is time to leave the library.

I hope you enjoyed watching me x