Stacey – Desktop

Stacey - Desktop

It’s after hours in the office as Stacey climbs onto the desktop and begins to pleasure herself after a long, hard day. In her tight little black dress Stacey sits on the desk and slips off her heels before rolling her stockings down slowly over her long, slim legs.

Easing back she spreads her legs and begins to touch and stroke her pussy through the material of her black thong. It isn’t long before she pushes that thong to the side and we are treated to a glimpse of her perfectly shaved, tight pussy. Watch as her fingers slide up and down her warm, wet slit before she eases them inside and slowly starts to finger fuck herself right there on the desk.

Standing, Stacey removes her dress before getting on to the desk on all fours. Enjoy the view from behind as this sexy brunette begins to finger fuck herself again, teasing her clit and making herself wet.

Stacey then moves onto the black leather office chair, and with her feet on the desk opens her legs wide. Hear her pussy squelch as she slides two fingers deep inside herself before reaching into the desk drawer and pulling out an enormous black dildo.

Watch her as she lubes up this big black dildo, getting it ready for fucking. Watch as she leans back into the chair with her legs up and spread wide. She teases her slit with just the tip – rubbing the head up over her clit and then back down to her pussy before easing it inside.

Watch her tight little pussy stretch as she pushes her huge toy deep inside herself. See it slide in and out as Stacey gets closer and closer to bringing herself off while you watch. Her pussy begins to squelch as she gets wetter and wetter, and finally she cums hard holding her big black dildo deep inside her pretty pink pussy…..