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Granny, Him & Her Makes Three

So, I’ve been on permanent heat since the little hotel room meet that I told you about in my last confession! I’ve been back on the cams, and putting the money away for a Caribbean cruise me and the girls are planning on going on in the summer. Its put such a spring in my step I can’t tell you – only last week Marjorie commented on my new joie de vivre and asked what my secret was! Well I could hardly tell her the truth could I! So I said it was just down to multi-vits and a really comfy pair of shoes from Clarks that were taking the weight off my bunion nicely. She looked at me like I was clearly a sandwich short of a picnic but that’s neither here nor there really is it?

What really matters dears is what Granny got up to next, and let me tell you, this one is not for the feint hearted. So, me and Troy (that’s his name if you were wondering) both agreed that our hotel meet went better than either of us had anticipated. It was such a turn on to be handled so roughly I can tell you – I never thought anything like that would ever happen to me, but oh my! I am so glad it did.

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