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I’ve not been working as a webcam model all that long really. I guess I started about a month ago. I’ve always enjoyed sex and exhibitionism.

I’m not at all shy and to be honest I love the thrill and the excitement of performing for a paying client!

I love putting the pictures up on my profile, and I love filming the naughty movies, some of which are personal requests from those clients that cam with me regularly.

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April Winters Job Interview

I’d been out of work for a while when one of my friends saw an ad looking for staff in the window of my local kitchen sales room. I’d never worked in sales before, but figured I might as well apply as there wasn’t much else around. I was really pleased when I phoned the showroom and the bloke that answered asked me to come in that afternoon for an interview and a chat!

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Lucy Zara in detention

I’ve been doing this evening course for a few weeks now, to be honest it’s totally boring, but I need the qualification for a work promotion, so I have to do it really.

The thing is accountancy has never really been my thing . I just fell into it when I left school, and five years later I’m still number crunching away.

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India Tries Tinder

My name is India, and I have a naughty secret to tell you.

I’d been single for a while when I decided to give internet dating a try. I set up a profile on a few of the better known sites, sent out a few messages and got a few replies in return. I had a few dates, but nothing to interest me really until my friend suggested that I try Tinder! I hadn’t really heard of that one before, but thought I’d give it a go. I set up my profile, took a really hot profile pic and sat back and waited.

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Blowjob on the stairs

I’ve been paying my way through Uni as a webcam model for a few years now.

Working with UK based webcam site Adult Profile. Up until very recently I managed to keep my job as a webcam performer a secret – but last month something changed – and this naughty webcam girl found herself doing something that she never thought she would!

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Granny, Him & Her Makes Three

So, I’ve been on permanent heat since the little hotel room meet that I told you about in my last confession! I’ve been back on the cams, and putting the money away for a Caribbean cruise me and the girls are planning on going on in the summer. Its put such a spring in my step I can’t tell you – only last week Marjorie commented on my new joie de vivre and asked what my secret was!

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Spanking the Sub Part 2

Well, so much has changed since my last confession! I’ve been found out – my caretaker friend found my stash of sex toys and I had to tell him the truth – that I was a secret webcam girl! What happened was that he was trying to unblock the sink in my bathroom – and when he opened the cabinet underneath he found by box of toys! There’s everything in that box – vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, anal beads, nipple clamps, a ball gag – and that’s just the start of it!

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Foot Fetish Part 2

It started with a click, and instantly she was there. My beautiful Sarah sat ready and waiting for me. I could see the effort she had gone to – smoky eyes and beautiful red lips, but what I was instantly drawn to were her feet. Her perfectly painted toes and the curve of her arch. I could feel my cock begin to twitch and my heart begin to race. ‘Hello darling’ she almost whispered as she began to run her hands all over her feet.

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Foot Fetish

My name is Giles and I have a secret fetish for feet. For me it’s all about the arch, the soft skin and the delicately painted toenails. Very few people in my life know about my secret turn on; even though it affects so much of my life. See, I can’t help but look at women’s feet no matter where I am; on the train, in a shop – even at work where I sit opposite my very attractive secretary Gloria who, between you and me, has the most perfect little feet of all!

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