Chloe Lounging

Chloe Lounging

Join sexy Chloe lounging around in this hot video. Wearing just a strappy dress Chloe begins by teasing you guys with her straps, lowering them slowly down to reveal her tits. Watch as she rolls them around, caressing and squeezing them together, creating a cleavage you can’t help but want to thrust your cock into.

As she lays back on her black leather chair she continues to play with them, moving towards her nipples. See her pinch them and tease them until they are hard like bullets. Slowly she moves her hands downwards over her stomach and in between her thighs.

Chloe knows how to tease you guys as she slowly runs her hand underneath her dress before she begins to lift it – giving you deliberate sneaky peeks of her thighs. See her smooth, pink slit revealed as she pushes her dress up and over her hips. Chloe spreads her legs and begins to touch her warm, wet slit; teasing her lips and her clit before sliding a finger deep inside herself.

Slowly and gently she begins to finger fuck herself, building up the intensity and turning herself on. Watch as her finger slides in and out and all over her wet pussy lips before she holds in open, allowing you to see right into her tight little hole. Chloe then reaches for her dildo, and after giving it a good suck lowers it between her legs and starts to push it deep into her pussy.

Chloe gives herself a good fucking with her toy, filling her pussy right up and stretching it nice and wide. Watch as this hot amateur slowly and gently fucks her pussy just for you guys – see and hear her getting off as she feels every ridge of the toy sliding in and out. With a finger on her clit she brings herself closer and closer to cumming…

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