Ezmii and Kurt

Ezmii and Kurt

My girlfriend Ezmii is always playing with herself, always touching her tits and stroking her pussy. She is so sexy, and she always knows just how to turn me on. In this video I catch her lying back on our cream leather sofa, teasing herself in her cotton panties.

As she pulls her panties to the side she catches me watching, and invites me over to join her! Ezmii wastes no time in getting my cock out of my jeans and into her mouth.

She sucks like a pro and before long I am rock hard and my big cock fills her pretty pink mouth.  With my hands on the back of her head I begin to gently fuck her face, pushing my cock towards the back of her throat.

She knows what she wants as she slowly removes her top and her panties, before sitting back on the sofa with her legs spread so that I can get my face right in between her legs. I lick her clit as she moans with pleasure before she tells me to fuck her.

I ease my big cock into her tight little pussy, fucking her deep, just the way she likes it. I fill her right up as we fuck bareback on the sofa, thrusting and pounding into her. Hear the leather of the sofa creak as she begins to ride me – my hard cock disappears right into her as she bounces up and down on top of me. It doesn’t take long for her creamy juices to cover my thick shaft as I continue to pump in and out of her deliciously smooth slit.

Watch her tits bounce as I fuck her doggy style and hear my balls slap against the backs of her thighs as before I flip her over and shooting my big load all over her pretty face.

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