I’ve not been working as a webcam model all that long really. I guess I started about a month ago. I’ve always enjoyed sex and exhibitionism.

I’m not at all shy and to be honest I love the thrill and the excitement of performing for a paying client!

I love putting the pictures up on my profile, and I love filming the naughty movies, some of which are personal requests from those clients that cam with me regularly.

The videos are mostly ones of me playing with my pussy, with fingers and toys – that sort of thing. The pussy and the clit play has always been what really gets me going the most though, makes me so wet and horny just thinking about it now…

The thing is that I’ve never really done any anal before, not in real life and not on cam either.

Occasionally I push a wet finger up there – especially if I’m asked to by someone who is watching me – but I’ve been a little nervous about doing anything more.

Well this one night all that changed – I was feeling particularly hot and naughty and when one of my regulars asked to see a bit more anal I thought fuck it – just go for it! I started with my finger like I usually do – sucking on it first to make it nice and wet and using my other hand to rub my pussy juice all over my tight little arse hole – making a nice lube. My finger slid in really easily – right up to the knuckle and I finger fucked myself like this for a bit before moving on to two fingers. I took finger out of my arse and sucked on it again – with the other finger to make them both wet, then I put them both back down and began to push.

I could feel straight away that this would be tighter – but also that it was going to feel so good. My hole began to open around my fingers and I began to push them inside. Little by little my fingers eased into my arse until they were both knuckle deep and I had the confidence to really begin to push them in and out.

It wasn’t long before my little virgin arse was screaming out for something bigger – so I reached over into my toy box and selected a set of anal beads that I had bought ages ago but never used. I sucked on them while I continued to work my fingers in and out of my arse, and when I felt they were wet enough and my arse nicely opened up, I began to insert them. As each bead went in I could feel my arse opening and closing around it – the beads get bigger as they go along and by the time I’d reached the fifth bead I could feel some serious stretching. To get this one in I needed to push much harder – I could feel it pushing against my skin and then the release as it let it in and opened up around it. It felt so good to feel my tight little hole gaping in stretching like that – and I still had one bead left to go!

This was by far the biggest bead – and my arse was truly going to have to open up to take it. I prepared to push hard – really hard and to force that bead in – at first it resisted – but then I felt it start to give and could actually begin to feel my arse accepting it! As it opened and closed around the bead I could feel them all so deep inside me the feeling was amazing. I needed to cum – and so I began to frig my clit with my finger – until I could feel that I was about to explode. I reached round and at the exact moment that I came I pulled the beads out – the force of my orgasm tightened my arse muscles so that each bead left my arse with a pop – it felt so tight and so fucking hot – I have never cum like it. The sensation from the beads in my arse just heightened everything and it was just amazing.

So there we have it – my first time anal ever – and on cam! I loved it so much I’ve been out and bought a double ender to try – can’t wait to see what it feels like to have both my holes stuffed! Feel free to leave a comment and let me know if you’d like to hear that confession too! xx

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