Katie K – Simple Pleasure

Katie K - Simple Pleasure

Katie K – Simple Pleasure

Katie K wastes no time getting straight into the action in this sexy little vid – simple pleasures all the way –  just her and her fingers all the way through. Katie K lets the vid begin with a nice little close up of her pussy. She is nicely trimmed with smooth pink lips that she teases with her fingers.

Watch her as she begins to finger herself – sliding just one finger in and out of herself as the camera pans up and all over Katie K’s very sexy body. Katie K has great tits – perfectly round with juicy nipples that surely need a good sucking. Her stomach is toned and tight – she is a girl who really looks after herself.

With her fingers back on her clit Katie K carries on playing with herself – rubbing herself before sliding her finger back inside her pussy. Knowing exactly how to turn herself on, Katie K takes the time to tease herself and build up the excitement before she makes herself cum.

Hear her breathing get faster as she gets more and more aroused, squeezing on her tit as she begins to use two fingers inside herself. See her tight, wet pussy stretch around her fingers as she continues to push them deeper into her pussy. Slick with pussy juice her fingers disappear inside her pussy, squelching sounds tell you exactly how wet and turned on this naughty lady is getting.

Hear her moaning and groaning as she places her fingers back on to her clit, and really start to rub it. She brings herself closer and closer, working that clit faster and faster until she is ready to cum. Watch her body twisting as she enjoys the full power and intensity of a very real and genuine orgasm. Simples pleasures for sure.

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