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Foot Fetish Part 2

It started with a click, and instantly she was there. My beautiful Sarah sat ready and waiting for me. I could see the effort she had gone to – smoky eyes and beautiful red lips, but what I was instantly drawn to were her feet. Her perfectly painted toes and the curve of her arch. I could feel my cock begin to twitch and my heart begin to race. ‘Hello darling’ she almost whispered as she began to run her hands all over her feet.

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Foot Fetish

My name is Giles and I have a secret fetish for feet. For me it’s all about the arch, the soft skin and the delicately painted toenails. Very few people in my life know about my secret turn on; even though it affects so much of my life. See, I can’t help but look at women’s feet no matter where I am; on the train, in a shop – even at work where I sit opposite my very attractive secretary Gloria who, between you and me, has the most perfect little feet of all!

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